Join Fall in the Field Instructors Jessica Zuzack, Marina Bohn and Brenda Miller as we explore the changing lives of salmon at the Rogue River Preserve.

Grades 9-12

HS.LS4.4 Construct an explanation based on evidence for how natural selection leads to adaptations of populations. (Cause and Effect) (Adaptations)

HS.LS4.6 Create or revise a simulation to test a solution to mitigate adverse impacts of human activity on biodiversity. (Cause and Effect) (Adaptations, Biodiversity and Humans, Developing Possible Solutions)

Supplemental lesson materials:

Lesson taught, recorded, and prepared by Brenda Miller, Jessica Zuzack, and Marina Bohn.

Ukulele music by Marina Bohn

Music by Grant and Aggie Pilgrim, recorded and produced by Milt and Jamie Lee

Excerpt from “Upriver to Morning” by Tish Mc Fadden available at

Tish McFadden

Author of Upriver to Morning, Concept Design, Project Manager, Songwriter, Presenter, and Educational Outreach.


Tish McFadden lives in Ashland, Oregon. She is a published author, published songwriter, and music educator. She is also a former United States Forest Service archaeologist and historian – the career that originally introduced her in 1980 to Agnes Baker Pilgrim, spiritual elder of the Takelma people. Years later, in 2016, Agnes Baker Pilgrim became the inspiration for Tish’s book and educational program, Upriver to Morning. Tish’s occupation as an author, educator, musician, performer, and recording artist spans forty years. Upriver to Morning is a synthesis of her life’s work in environmental and cultural resource preservation, teaching, writing, and music. The book, and its array of bilingual educational content, is scheduled to be released by fall 2021. 

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