Join Fall in the Field instructor Courtney Buel as we uncover the role invasive species play when introduced into a new environment. Students will also get the opportunity to become a fishery biologist, studying the fish populations of Hyatt Lake.

Grades: 3-5

NGSS 3.LS4.4: Make a claim about the merit of a solution to a problem caused when the environment changes and the types of plants and animals that live there may change.

Lesson taught, recorded, and prepared by Courtney Buel, Monique Streit, and Brenda Miller. Drone footage courtesy of Elijah Polsky.

Fish Photo Credit:
Redband Trout – Dave Hering, U.S. National Park Service
Speckled Dace – Dave (Gio) Giordano
Jenny Creek Sucker – Matthew Patterson, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Northern Pikeminnow – Tim Loh
Brown Bullhead Catfish – Christian Ferrer, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

Supplemental lesson materials: